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Onamare feeds her passion for art through a multifaceted array of talent, passion, and grace. Her desire is to inspire with movement and artistic freedom. She has dedicated the past ten years to study the circus arts (aerial and fire artistry, hand-balancing, acro-balance, and improvisation story-telling) that feeds her passion for life.

Onamare enjoys immensely the art of movement and self-expression. She is emerged into the world of performance art by utilizing a multi-faceted array of skills from mythological storytelling, ritual dance, circus acrobatics,stilt walking, aerial artistry, and theatrical fire art. She has studied with well-known circus coaches, such as, Eric Newton the Stephen Sisters, Rachel Walker, and Stephanie Abrams.

She was a member of the Kinetic Circus Performance Troupe and Stilt Circus. She engages in performances that move beyond just entertainment, but hold purpose with intent. The purpose for her is two-folded,

one to spark a transcendent experience that feeds the human story and the other to push the edges of cultural perception and human disbelief. Onamare encourages each individual to become their authentic self and live in inner-joy with self-love.

Onamare Heart has been performing as a movement artist for over seven years at a variety of different venues for the artistic expression of self. Onamare has taught at Evolve Dance Studio and Groovolution Dance Studio. She is currently working towards her PhD in Mind-Body Medicine.

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